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We take great pride in our abilities and craftsmanship. While Calvin surrounds himself with a strong team, he is a “hands on builder”. With over 30 years experience in the building industry, CVS Builders LLC is a professional company that you can trust. The company’s attention to architectural style, design excellence and dedication to craftsmanship is evident with each home.

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Snow Achieves Certified Master Builder Designation

Calvin Snow of CVS Builder, LLC is the Home Builders Association of Greater Spartanburg's newest home builder to earn the designation of Certified Master Builder. "This means that Calvin has gone far beyond merely holding a state builders license," said Master Builder Chairman A.P. Neal.

Neal explained, "The Master Builder Program was created by the Home Builders Association of South Carolina as a way to increase the professionalism of home builders in the state and provide an increased level of protection for consumers."

In order to reach this level, Calvin had to participate in 20 hours of continuing education, provide seven reference letters, assure a one-year warranty on all his homes and show at least five years' experience in home building.

Master Builders must sign an agreement that required him or her to provide the client with a construction contract and that he maintain membership in the Home Builders Association.

Although South Carolina has one of the most rigorous licensing requirements in the country, the Home Builders Assocation of SC has begun this program to allow builders to go up even higher.

"This program is good for our builders" said A.P. Neal, "but it is even better news for consumers." Neal said only twenty states require a person to take a written test to be licensed. "Although we are one of those states we have felt we could do even better," said Neal.